2010 Thousand Guineas First Declarations

September 7th, 2010

The first declarations for the 2010 Thousand Guineas have been released, with 100 entrants still looking for a Thousand Guineas run.

Parables has skyrocketed up the odds, going from $21 to a current standing of $7.50 at Ladbrokes.com.au to become the favourite. Crystal Lily has departed, and Panipique has lost a lot of faith with punters.

Yosei and Ringa Ringa Rosie have both found some support, as have Sistine Angel and More Strawberries. Willow Creek remains about the same, with only slightly longer odds of $13.

If you would like the full 2010 Thousand Guineas odds on the first declarations, be sure to hop on over to Ladbrokes.com.au and sign up for an account to bet on all the spring carnival action!

2010 Thousand Guineas First Declarations

1 Ain’tnofallenstar (Lee Freedman)
2 Alittlebitofmonica (Marc Conners)
3 Ambers Waltz (John O’Shea)
4 Anguissola (Lee Freedman)
5 Another Sunday (Peter G Moody)
6 Ardeche (NZ) (Bart Cummings)
7 Baboosh (David Hayes)
8 Barangaroo (Mick Price)
9 Beg (Peter Snowden)
10 Belle Chantecler (NZ) (Lee Freedman)
11 Bianwaiting (Saab Hasan)
12 Blink (Danny O’Brien)
13 Boto Vermelho (Gai Waterhouse)
14 Brazilian Pulse (NZ) (Michael Moroney)
15 Catgotyourtongue (Anthony Cummings)
16 Chula Vista (Anthony Cummings)
17 Crafty Lady ( John Symons & Sheila Laxon)
18 Cristallo (Peter Morgan)
19 Divorces (Peter Snowden)
20 Dizlago (Lee Freedman)
21 Dreamcoat (Bart Cummings)
22 Elimbari (Kris Lees)
23 Elite Ebony (Michael Templeton)
24 Enzed Girl (NZ) (Robert Smerdon)
25 Evidentia (David Hayes)
26 Factor of Safety (John P Thompson)
27 Fashion Wah Wah ( Leon Macdonald & Andrew Gluyas)
28 Female Agent (John McArdle)
29 Festival Ballet (Shane Nichols)
30 Forest Doll (John P Thompson)
31 Glenkinchie (Jim Conlan)
32 Gybe (Anthony Cummings)
33 Heartsareforlove (John P Thompson)
34 Ice Creme (Gai Waterhouse)
35 Jahre (Anthony Cummings)
36 Jalsah (David Hayes)
37 Jesse’s Girl (Peter Morgan)
38 Kittens (Mark Kavanagh)
39 Koala Bear (Lee Freedman)
40 Lady Christine (Anthony Cummings)
41 Lady Off the Ranch (John P Thompson)
42 Life is a Cabernet (David Hayes)
43 Lone Rock (Robert Smerdon)
44 Lorna’s Lass (John McArdle)
45 Maraaseem (David Hayes)
46 Margiela (NZ) (David Hayes)
47 Marvellous Miss (Robbie Griffiths)
48 Melted (John Sadler)
49 Miss Gai Flyer (Peter G Moody)
50 More Strawberries (Gai Waterhouse)
51 Namaste (Lee Freedman)
52 Nicodora (David Hayes)
53 Our Pride And Joy (Patrick Payne)
54 Panipique (Peter G Moody)
55 Parables (Peter Snowden)
56 Parisian Sunrise (David Hayes)
57 Parriwi (Kris Lees)
58 Party Hard (Anthony Cummings)
59 Pinker Pinker (Greg Eurell)
60 Plastic Fantastic (Anthony Cummings)
61 Precious Lorraine (David Hayes)
62 Queen’s Fashion (David Hayes)
63 Quick Thinking (NZ) (Bart Cummings)
64 Quidnunc (Peter Snowden)
65 Regally Blonde (Jim Conlan)
66 Ringa Ringa Rosie ( Bevan & Richard Laming)
67 Saint Angers (Peter G Moody)
68 Salivate (David Hayes)
69 Sasa (Tim Martin)
70 Sayahailmary (Peter G Moody)
71 Scattered Dreams (David Hayes)
72 Serene Tanie (Robbie Laing)
73 Set to Unleash (John P Thompson)
74 Shaaheq (David Hayes)
75 Shamrocker (NZ) (Danny O’Brien)
76 She Must Be Obeyed (Anthony Cummings)
77 She’s Got Gears (Robbie Laing)
78 Sheila’s Star ( John Symons & Sheila Laxon)
79 Sistine Angel (Andrew Noblet)
80 Song Shan (Anthony Cummings)
81 Speed of Dark (Grant Craven)
82 Spirit Song (Stuart Gower)
83 Spring Bound ( Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes)
84 Spurcific (Robbie Griffiths)
85 Storm Burst (Peter G Moody)
86 Sultah (David Hayes)
87 Sussuro (Tony Noonan)
88 Tafseel (David Hayes)
89 Tanaami (David Hayes)
90 Terpsichore (Andrew Noblet)
91 Upon This Rock (Gai Waterhouse)
92 Venus’s Dream (Guy Walter)
93 Very Cherry (John Sadler)
94 Wave Dancing (Anthony Cummings)
95 Wild Goose ( Colin & Cindy Alderson)
96 Willow Creek (Peter G Moody)
97 Yosei (Stuart Webb)
98 Youeffoh (Lee Freedman)
99 Zubbaya (Lee Freedman)
100 Zutara (Gai Waterhouse)