Greatest Bet Bonus Ever From An Australian Bookie

October 11th, 2010

If you are a canny punter that looks for the best deals on your betting, then there is some great news waiting for you over at Luxbet. Right now they are offering the best bet bonus ever – you just need to give them the code!

If you deposit between $25 and $200 at Luxbet right now using the code “EXTRA400” you will receive a bonus bet equal to double what you deposited. This means that if you deposit $25 you will receive a $50 bonus bet, and a $400 bonus bet if you deposit $200. For example:

Your Deposit Your Bonus Your Total
$25 $50 $75
$50 $100 $150
$100 $200 $300
$150 $300 $450
$200 $400 $600
$300 $400 $700
$400 $400 $800

If you’ve never placed a bet online before and are worried, there is no need to be. Luxbet is owned by Tabcorp, which is strictly regulated and a bookmaker we consider to be exceptionally trustworthy. It also has plenty of help for new online bettors and an easy user interface that you can learn how to use as you place your bet.

Before you go over to Luxbet, remember to write down the promo code “EXTRA400”. Be sure to use this code when you deposit so that your account is credited with the free bet. You can then go place a bonus bet on your favourite selection in the Thousand Guineas for double the amount you deposited!

Luxbet is quickly becoming one of the best places to bet online. Join now for the double deposit bonus bet, and stick around for fair odds and more special offers in the future.