Nominations For 2011 Thousand Guineas

August 2nd, 2011

The Nominations for the 2011 Thousand Guineas at Caulfield have been released, with a total of 223 fillies indicating that they will target the race.

David Hayes has the strongest hand of any trainer with a total of 21 nominations. All of them are unraced, however Hayes has a reputation for bringing fresh three year olds to the Melbourne Spring Carnival only for them to surprise everyone.

Elite Falls was the top rated two year old filly in Australia last year, and John O’Shea is hoping her form will carry into her three year old year, as he has nominated her for the 2011 Thousand Guineas.

Pane in the Glass was also a very consistnent performer in her two year old season, and Patinack Farm trainer John Thompson will chase Group One glory when he lines up the talented filly in the 2011 Thousand Guineas.

After running second in the Golden Slipper earlier in the year, Mosheen is one of the few horses that has been nominated for both the Caulfield and Thousand Guineas. However it is believed that her trainer Robert Smerdon prefers the 2011 Thousand Guineas as a more realistic option.

Peter Snowden has nominated a strong team for the 2011 Thousand Guineas, including Aerobatics, Anise, Cliques, Disputes and half a dozen fillies who are yet to start in a race.

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2011 Thousand Guineas Nominations

Horse Trainer
1 A LITTLE PRAYER Gai Waterhouse
3 AEROBATICS Peter Snowden
4 AIN’T SHE GRAND Anthony Cummings
5 ALMACHINO Neville Parnham
6 AL’S MAGIC MISS David Payne
7 AMAAL David Hayes
8 AMALIE Lee Freedman
9 AMETSIS Russell Cameron
10 AMO LA NONNA Mick Price
11 ANABANDANA Don Sellwood
12 AND ROCK John McArdle
13 ANETO Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
14 ANGEL OF MERCY Gerald Ryan
16 ANGEL’S GIFT Jason Warren
17 ANGELUS Peter Snowden
18 ANISE Peter Snowden
19 ANNARIO Lee Freedman
20 ANOTHER SUPERIOR (NZ) John P Thompson
21 APPEARANCE Guy Walter
22 ARA STAR John O’Shea
23 ATLANTIC JEWEL Mark Kavanagh
24 AU FAIT Tony Noonan
25 BAD ROMANCE Peter G Moody
26 BAPTISM Lee Freedman
27 BAREBACK Pat Carey
28 BELZARGO Jason Petch
29 BENZAITEN Libby Haworth
30 BIKINI STAR Bart Cummings
31 BIRDLIFE Guy Walter
32 BLAZING DRAGON Bart Cummings
33 BLISS STREET Daniel Morton
35 BOLD SARI Bart Cummings
36 BONARIA Pat Hyland
37 BOUND TO BLUSH Gai Waterhouse
38 BROCHETTE (NZ) Mick Price
39 BUGABOO (ARG) Grahame Begg
40 CALINE Peter Snowden
41 CALL ME BISCUIT Stuart Gower
42 CALL ME COCO Ray Besanko
43 CANOPUS Ricky Maund
44 CAPE CITY FLYER (NZ) Gai Waterhouse
45 CASSANDRA’S CHOICE (NZ) Brett Partelle
46 CELEBRITY GIRL Mark Kavanagh
47 CHAMPAGNE ROYAL Gai Waterhouse
48 CHAMPALOU Chris Waller
49 CHIQUADA (NZ) Brian Jenkins
50 CHIVVY Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
51 CITY OF SONG John Moloney
52 CLASSIC ELLE Tony Vasil
53 CLIQUES Peter Snowden
54 COMBAT KITTY Matthew Smith
55 CORTADO Gary Portelli
56 COSTA SERENA Gai Waterhouse
57 COUPE EXPRESS Ricky Maund
58 CRIMSON LADY (NZ) Michael Moroney
59 CRUCIAL Lee Freedman
60 CRYSTALISED (NZ) Lee Freedman
61 CUTE EMILY Peter G Moody
62 CYCLONE STACEY Gai Waterhouse
63 DAME KIA KAHA (NZ) Leon Corstens
64 DARAZANI Mark Kavanagh
65 DARCI DANCER (NZ) Gary Portelli
66 DARE TO DANCE (NZ) Gai Waterhouse
67 DAREEL Gai Waterhouse
70 DETOURS Peter Snowden
71 DISPUTES Peter Snowden
72 DOWAGER QUEEN (NZ) Graeme & Debbie Rogerson
73 EAGLE’S REACH David Payne
74 EASTWARD Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
75 ELFINA Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
76 ELITE FALLS John O’Shea
77 EMERALD DOWNS Anthony Cummings
78 ERVBEFEL Michael Kent
79 EURYALE Peter Snowden
80 EVOLVE Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
81 FALLEN ONE Grahame Begg
82 FAST AND SEXY Chris Waller
83 FAST SHANTI Gerald Ryan
84 FLOR DO MAR David Hayes
85 FLORENTINA David Payne
86 FLORETS Lee Freedman
87 FOREVER THE CHILL Russell Cameron
88 FORTUNE OF WAR David Hayes
89 FRENCH AFFAIR Ricky Maund
90 FRIDAY HUSSY David Hayes
91 FUME BLANC Peter G Moody
92 GHOOM John P Thompson
93 GIOE Michael Kent
94 GLIDING Bart Cummings
95 GLISSADE Peter Snowden
96 GREAT DAME Greg Eurell
97 GRECIAN MELODY (NZ) Bart Cummings
98 GREEN PULSE Michael Moroney
99 HABAAYIB David Hayes
100 HALLE ROCKS Mick Price
102 HANNAH JANE Anthony Cummings
103 HEAVEN’S CHOICE Gary White
104 HELPING HAND John P Thompson
105 HEX Lee Freedman
107 HOT DIAMOND Mark Minervini
108 HOT HEELS (NZ) David Payne
109 HOUSTON BENEFACTOR Anthony Cummings
110 HURRIYET Peter G Moody
111 IJAAZA David Hayes
112 INTEGRATE Ricky Maund
113 INVEST Clarry Conners
114 IOTA Rick Hore-Lacy
115 IRRESISTIBLE Clinton McDonald
116 JESSICA ROSE Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
117 JINGTAI Jim Conlan
118 KENAMON BELLE Michael Moroney
119 KNEELING John P Thompson
120 LA DOLCE DIVA Mark Kavanagh
121 LAKE LYNETTE Grahame Begg
122 LANDUC Tony Noonan
123 LIAT (NZ) Mick Price
124 LIPARI Pat Hyland
125 MABSAM David Hayes
126 MAGIC PULSE Michael Moroney
127 MANHATTAN MAID Darren Weir
128 MANHATTAN MAID Darren Weir
129 METONYMY Peter G Moody
130 MIRA Gai Waterhouse
131 MISS FIDLER Anthony Cummings
132 MISS READY Gai Waterhouse
133 MISS SPOKEN Gary Portelli
134 MISTAKENLY Anthony Cummings
135 MO VO John McArdle
136 MORE BUBBLY John P Thompson
137 MOSHEEN Robert Smerdon
138 MOUNTAIN DEW Gai Waterhouse
139 NOBLE TWOSTEP Rick Hore-Lacy
140 NOBODY BUT YOU Russell Cameron
141 NORTH EAST David Hayes
142 OMNIYAH Jason Coyle
143 ORACLE Mark Kavanagh
144 OUR MISS JONES (NZ) Michael Kent
145 PANE IN THE GLASS John P Thompson
146 PANHANDLE John P Thompson
147 PEACE OF HEAVEN Rick Harrison
148 PENINSULA DANE Matthew Hyland
149 PENNY SNATCHER John Sadler
150 PENTIMENTO Michael Kent
151 PETRUSHKA Lee Freedman
152 PIMENTO David Hayes
153 PINWIN (NZ) Gary Portelli
154 PLUCKY BELLE Peter G Moody
155 PRESSROOM Chris Waller
156 PRIMALUNA Lee & Shannon Hope
157 PRINCESS ANNA Grahame Begg
158 PRUSSIAN JOY Peter White
159 PYROCLASTIC Greg Eurell
160 QUACK IT (NZ) David Hayes
161 QUENCH THE THIRST Mark Kavanagh
162 RAFIKI Pat Carey
163 RAHVEEL Leon Corstens
164 RAMPLING Lee Freedman
165 RANSOM MOMENT David Hayes
166 READY AS ELLE Leon Corstens
167 READY ON TIME Patrick Payne
168 REIGNING LASS Leon Corstens
169 RETSINA Lee Freedman
170 RHEINFELS Peter Snowden
171 RICORDA MI (NZ) Michael Kent
172 ROCK STAR BABY Mark Minervini
173 ROMA GIACONDA David Hayes
174 ROSE PATTERN David Hayes
175 ROSINI Gai Waterhouse
176 RUBY’S EPIC Matthew Dunn
177 SASKIA Bart Cummings
178 SAVVY PRINCESS (NZ) Michael Moroney
179 SCHIFFER Gerald Ryan
180 SECRET STATUS Leon Macdonald & Andrew Gluyas
181 SHADOW WEST Anthony Cummings
183 SHARNEE ROSE Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
184 SHE’S A SUPERSTAR Gary Portelli
185 SHE’S CHERRYRYPE David Hayes
186 SHESAHUSSLER Gary Portelli
187 SHOPAHOLIC (NZ) Danny O’Brien
188 SHOSHONI MISS Patrick Payne
189 SHUSWAP (NZ) Bart Cummings
190 SINGLE SPICE Simon A Miller
191 SKYROCKETS Peter G Moody
192 SONG OF THE BELL Patrick Payne
193 SPORT CHIC Clinton McDonald
194 STAR SALUTE Peter G Moody
195 STARDANZE Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
196 STELLA GRACE David Hayes
197 STELLAR VINIA David Payne
198 STREAMA Guy Walter
199 SUITE SUCCESS Luke Oliver
200 SWEET BURGUNDY (NZ) Bart Cummings
201 SWEET ELLA Greg Eurell
202 SWERTE BELLA Gerald Ryan
203 TAVARNELLE Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
204 TAYLOR’S COMMAND Danny O’Brien
205 THAWAABET David Hayes
206 TIGER’S GIRL Michael Moroney
207 TIGRESSIVE Dan O’Sullivan
208 TORAH Peter G Moody
209 TRIPLE ASSET John Keys
210 TULLY COSTA Matthew Hyland
211 TULLY PLENTY Matthew Hyland
212 TUMBLE TURN Paul Messara
213 UBER ROSE Jason Coyle
215 URBAN ROCKER Chris Waller
216 VITTORIA (NZ) Michael Kent
217 WAJANAAT David Hayes
218 WHEN MY BABY (NZ) Michael Moroney
219 WIN FOR LAYLA John P Thompson
220 WIN FOR NAARA John P Thompson
221 WOMBAT WOO WOO John Ledger
222 YOU CAN DANCE Robbie Griffiths
223 ZIPPA THE RIPPA (NZ) David Hayes