In 1946, Sweet Crime won the first running of the Thousand Guineas. The race was over 8 furlongs up until 1972, when it was standardised to 1600 metres.

The fastest track time over the current distance was 1:35.60, which Arborea managed to hit in 1993. The closest any horses have come to this in the past 10 years were Serious Speed (2007) and All Time High (2000) at 1:36.30 as well as Special Harmony (2003) and Macedon Lady (2002) at 1:36.40.

The most successful jockey in the Thousand Guineas has been the great Damien Oliver, who has been atop the winning horse four times. Three of those have been quite recent, and punters at sites like have learnt to watch Oliver for an indication of the Thousand Guineas winner.

Thousand Guineas Results

The following is a list of recent Thousand Guineas results. Winners and placegetters of the Edward Manifold Stakes are marked with an asterisk, and eventual Crown Oaks winners are marked with a hash. With this information, you can place more informed bets at sites like or Join an online betting site now to prepare your account for the Spring racing season!

As soon as it is decided, the 2016 Thousand Guineas winner will be published here.

Year Winner 2nd 3rd Time
2016 Global Glamour I Am A Star Whispering Brook TBD
2015 Stay With Me Jameka Badawiya 1:35.89
2014 Amicus Traveston Girl Sabatini 1:36.46
2013 Guelph May’s Dream Gregers 1:37.78
2012 Commanding Jewel* Dear Demi# Zydeco 1:37.17
2011 Atlantic Jewel Mosheen*# Sharnee Rose 1:35.86
2010 Yosei Heartsareforlove Brazilian Pulse 1:39.8
2009 Irish Lights Melito Faint Perfume# 1:38.8
2008 Gallica* Cats Whisker* Glowlamp 1:38.6
2007 Serious Speed* Extension of Time Antarctic Miss 1:36.3
2006 Miss Finland*# Permaiscuous Cheeky Choice 1:37.2
2005 Mnemosyne Rewaaya Serenade Rose*# 1:36.3
2004 Alinghi* Hollow Bullet# Ballet Society* 1:37.1
2003 Special Harmony*# Hinting Spurcent 1:36.4
2002 Macedon Lady La Bella Dama Fuji Dancer* 1:36.4
2001 Magical Miss# Ha Ha Li Lo Lill* 1:37.0
2000 All Time High Ponton Flyer Tanith 1:36.3
1999 Shizu Danglissa Beat The Fade 1:39.4

* = Winners and placegetters in the Edward Manifold Stakes
# = Crown Oaks winners